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Frank Dilernia

I believed others were doing it successfully, so I believed I could do it successfully.

Background Info / Introduction

Q. Can you please start by making a few comments about yourself to include your trading style and what products you trade, your experience in years, and what other things of a trading nature take your time on a regular basis (e.g. writing trading books/contributing to forums/coaching/speaking engagements)?

My name is Frank Dilernia, my trading style fits three different personalities, I’m a swing day-trader on futures, primarily the SPI, DOW and ES-minis, a medium term holder of stocks over a few weeks and months, and also an investor and an accumulator of blue chips.

I’ve been involved in the market for 20 years, actively trading since 1993. Over the years I’ve moved into pioneering a new trading methodology and trading model, which many know of.

I’ve also written a book on Time and Price analysis called Analytical Market Trading ‘a window into the Future’ & also about to complete my 2nd book called The trader trading ‘Principles of successful trading’

I current write a Daily report; called the Dilernia Report; for day trading the SPI, DOW and ES.

I’m also a developer of trading systems.

Q. It is fair to say that most people are initially attracted to trading by money. Is this what initially attracted you or was it something else?

Money of course, but the lifestyle choice also had a huge influence.

Q. What are some of your good and bad memories of your early trading days?

Losing money, losing money and losing money when it came to short-term futures trading in the early-mid 90’s. All the good memories were and still are simply buying and holding banking stocks.

Q. How would you describe a couple of your biggest mistakes in your early trading days?

I didn’t understand what money management was, and traded without a plan

Q. Looking back to the beginning, in the face of the usual challenges, what motivated or inspired you to learn to trade well?

I believed others were doing it successfully, so I believed I could do it successfully

Q. On reflection, was there a single moment in time or situation that ultimately had the greatest influence on your trading?

I can’t say it was a single moment, more an accumulation of time being subjected to the markets on a daily basis. Time and Education were the biggest influences.

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