Stuart’s Trading Course

After many years, Stuart teamed up with MetaStock to produce a 5 module training course to help traders develop a trading plan they will implement with confidence.

My Course

Module 1 – Trading Process and Developing a Strategy

  • the 3 critical questions all trading plans should answer
  • the 3 Ms of trading
  • How to methodically work your way through the 7 step trading process
  • Establishing your trading universe
  • Why you need a trading plan in order to be successful
  • Approach your trading like a professional
  • Critical beliefs on you trading strategy
  • How to incorporate different technical analysis tools into your strategy
  • How to clearly define your trading rules

Module 2 – Technical Analysis

  • Comparing Fundamentals and Technical Analysis
  • Introduction to the trend, how to identify the trend, and how to ensure trend alignment
  • How to use moving averages to your advantage
  • How to use support and resistance
  • the most effective candlesticks

Module 3 – Risk Management

  • Where risk management fits into the entire trading approach
  • How good trading is different to how most people approach the market
  • The primary aim of trading
  • The 8/2 rule
  • Various methods of setting your exit levels (stops)
  • How strike rate is not that important
  • How to establish the right balance or risk / reward
  • How to have the 4 key performance numbers working for you
  • How to size your trades

Module 4 – Trading Mindset and Putting all the Pieces Together

  • How money plays tricks on your mind
  • the key character attributes that successful traders have
  • How to improve your trading discipline
  • How to take full advantage of what little control you have in the market
  • General psychological issues that block any progress
  • How to treat your trading differently to most other traders

Module 5 – Trade Launch Systems

  • Basic functions of the Trade launch add-on
  • Learn the 2 main trading systems in the add on Altitude and Ignition
  • Learn how to run scans for trade setups
  • How to interpret the indicators
  • Using the Trade Launch Expert Advisors
  • Recordings will be provided for all sessions

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