Managed Trading Accounts

Stuart has partnered with Mckeown Marrs, an Australian owned Investment, Advisory and Trading House. Mckeown Marrs gives their clients multiple ways to strategize, track and execute securities and commodities trades in exchanges around the world.

Furthermore, the staff at Mckeown Marrs will develop a strategy with you personally to help you achieve your goals. They can help with:

  • Blue Chip Shares – Mckeown Marrs can develope you a Blue Chip portfolio from a range of International and Domestic markets. Be it growth or dividend accrual Mckeown Marrs can personalize a portfolio dependent upon your needs, location and currency.
  • Market Neutral Strategies – Mckeown Marrs is a leader in developing Market Neutral Strategies involving a range of financial instruments. Many of our clients benefit from such strategies to receive income in all market conditions.Complete the simple form below to receive further information.

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